To provide professionals with a basic guideline and support system to assist them in making ethical decisions.

By providing an affordable membership to help guide business people through every day dilemmas of ethics; The Board of Ethics can identify professionals who consistently hold themselves to a higher standard.  This standard can be echoed in the community and serve as a model to emerging professionals instructing them in how to be an Ethical Success.

We wish to share our goals of guiding businesses throughout the nation or the world in dealing with others in a fair and honest manor.  Each professional who joins our Board voluntarily agrees to do business with integrity and honor.  As we strive to teach, assist and remind business people from all walks of life, the basic guidelines for conducting our lives and daily matters in a “Good faith” fashion.  Using the shared principles of The Board of Ethics to effectively interact with clients, customers, employers, contractors, teachers, managers, employees, vendors and all parties in a fair and honest way.

Although life presents many challenges, The Board of Ethics guidelines are here to bring us back to where we belong in an ethical environment allowing each of us to be able to look each other proudly in the eye and feel good about our most difficult and challenging days.

By networking, we can encourage others in business to follow the right path.

Thank you!

Please pass on our web site address, so we can grow our community by empowering and spreading ethics to all.