1. Disclosure of pre-existing relationships in business dealings.
  2. Disclosure of any funds being received by any party to that contract.
  3. Disclosure of whom each party works for or represents.
  4. Clarity of duties to clients or customers.
  5. Disclose any additional duties due, if additional relationships are involved.
  6. Disclosure of compensation to others in transaction.
  7. Duty of confidentiality of clients during and after transaction.
  8. Establish when relationship begins and ends.
  9. Disclose all material facts that may not be apparent or easily ascertainable to a party.
  10. Duty of reasonable care to clients.
  11. The Duty to deal honestly and in good faith.
  12. To act in a timely manner.
  13. To be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of statements made.
  14. To be loyal and take no actions that is adverse or detrimental to your clients or employers interest.
  15. To advise others to seek council or professional advise in matters where explanations are beyond your scope of knowledge.
  16. Make a good faith continuous effort to find your client the item being searched for.
  17. Avoid a conflict of interest. Once determining that one may exist to disclose in a timely manner.
  18. No disclosure of confidential information without subpoena or court order during or after a relationship.
  19. Duty to complete performance.
  20. No exaggeration.
  21. All parties to contracts must receive a copy of anything they sign, at the time of signing.
  22. Do not discriminate by race, religion, sex, color, sexual preference or orientation, handicap, political party, handicap, age, etc.
  23. Avoid misrepresentation.
  24. Behave in a professional and reasonable manor.
  25. Cooperation with other parties.
  26. Do not mislead others.
  27. Do not make inappropriate sexual or discriminatory remarks.
  28. Do not belittle others or cause conflict.
  29. Speak in a fair and honest manner.
  30. Return all phone calls, fax or emails in a timely basis.
  31. Obey all laws and regulations governing your industry
  32. Report any legal concerns to your supervisor or authorities.
  33. Share training and information in an open and helpful manner.
  34. Identify yourself on all phone calls or in any dealings.